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What is Brotox?

Brotox is an industry term referring to anti-wrinkle injections for men.

Anti wrinkle injections using botulinum toxin target specific muscles in the face, blocking the signals sent from the nerves to the muscle. This causes the muscle to ‘relax’, softening lines and wrinkles. The results are temporary but in general, results can last four to six months on average.

Men should also expect to need more units of botulinum toxin than women simply because their muscle tissue is thicker and more robust.


Men can expect to see fine lines and shallow wrinkles disappear, and deeper furrows should look less pronounced and less noticeable. In addition, botulinum toxin can help prevent the formation of new wrinkles due to repetitive motions and facial expressions.

Why are men getting Brotox?

Aesthetic treatments are often seen as something that only women do to look younger. However, men account for more and more aesthetic procedures than before, demand from men for anti wrinkle treatment has increased – by almost 400% in the last 20 years.

Radiating a youthful strong appearance can be a major asset in dating, careers, social media and other aspects of a man's life. As the stigma of cosmetic treatments continues to diminish, men are more open aesthetics treatments than ever.  

We are continually looking at different treatments to add to our clinic. 

Coming soon PRP treatments for hair loss. 

Prices From £160 - We tailor your treatment to your needs and a bespoke package will be created at your consultation.

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